Sugarless Walnut Fudge

I am totally in love with the chocolate,🍫 well being a chocolatier ( The Sweet Life Chocolates ) are big perks in itself. 🍫I always look forward to include it in my diet in a healthy way. Me and my husband are the biggest chocolate freaks!!🍫

Today I came up with this genius idea. 🙇🏼‍♀️

There is no sugar…really!!😇

Let’s get started!!🙌🏼

Preparation Time- 5 minutes, Cooking Time/Cooling Time- 30 minutes. Servings – 2.


Cocoa Powder- 2 Cups,

Walnuts- 1 1/2 Cups,

Vanilla Extract- 1 teaspoon,

Butter- 2 tablespoon,

Desiccated Coconut- 1/2 Cup.

Method –

  1. In a bowl, mix well cocoa powder, desiccated coconut powder, vanilla extract, walnuts and melted butter.
  2. Spread the mixture and garnish it with walnuts on the top as well on parchment or butter paper into a dish of your choice and chill it in fridge for 30 minutes.
  3. Once set, cut into desired shapes and serve.
  4. Store it in air tight container in the fridge.

Enjoy this sugarless beauty with your loved ones. 🤗


Banana Coconut Mashup

Banana Coconut Mashup

Banana Coconut Mashup is one of my favorite dessert recipe. I came across this beauty while holidaying in Havelock Islands,Andamans,India. This was the most enjoyed delicacy I relished during my stay in Havelock Islands.

So I thought to make this dessert one fine Sunday evening and here I am with this super quick dessert recipe sharing with you all. All you need is 1 dozen bananas, 1 cup coconut powder,2 cup biscuit powder and 1 can of condensed milk.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes, Cooking Time: 10 minutes, Servin-6.



First prepare the base with biscuit powder, then prepare the first layer with finely sliced bananas in round shape,layer it with coconut powder and pour little condensed milk











Repeat the layer till your glass is not filled up. This easy recipe is ideal for kids,family get-together or friends reunion.

Do let me know about how you made this yummy dessert!

Instant Coffee Cookies

Instant Coffee Cookies

Preparation Time:5 mins, Cooking Time: 5 mins, Servings-4.


Biscuit Powder- 1 cup

Cocoa powder-1/2 cup,

Butter- 1/2 cup,

Coffee -1/2 tsp.


Firstly, lets melt the butter in the pan. Add biscuit powder and cocoa powder in the pan and mix it well. Now sprinkle 1/2 tsp coffee and take it out from the stove.


Let it cool and then make balls.

Raspberry Coconut Mashup in a Jar

Raspberry Coconut Mashup in a Jar.

Raspberry Coconut Mashup in a Jar..! Sounds so tempting,Isn’t it!? This dessert recipe is one of my favorites and perfect for winters.  So this Christmas,on my blog I have come up with “Christmas Dessert Series” where i will be sharing my dessert recipes with you all. This is a very easy and quick dessert recipe that can be prepared in 10 minutes.

Preparation Time:10 minutes.Cooking Time: No cooking time, Servings-2.


For batter

Raspberry- 1 cup,

Grated Coconut:1 cup,

All purpose flour (Maida): 1 cup,

Butter- 3/4 cup,

Sugar-1/2 cup,

Baking Powder- 1 tsp,

For Layering-

Biscuit crumbs- 1 cup,

Coconut Powder-1/2 cup,

Milkmaid-1/2 cup,

Kiwi -1


Let’s first prepare the raspberry coconut batter. Take a bowl and add churned raspberries,coconut,sugar, melted butter,all purpose flour and baking powder. Make a proper batter of it and keep it aside.



Now let’s start preparing the layering in the jar. Place the first layer of biscuit crumbs or powder in the jar. With topping it up with coconut powder,milkmaid and raspberry coconut batter.



Decorate it with finely chopped cubes of kiwi.


Your Raspberry Coconut Mashup is ready…! Isn’t it so easy!?