Birthday Treat-Orange Velvet Cupcakes

Orange Velvet Cupcakes.

WARNING You may get addicted after reading this recipe!

Orange Velvet..!!?? Yes you heard it right. I tried these cupcakes on my birthday and trust me it came out spongy and delicious. My day just does not pass by baking or trying new recipes to satisfy my never ending weakness for sweets, cakes, cupcakes and chocolates. I have made these cupcakes without cream(upper layer).

So lets get started on this roller-coaster cupcake ride and put on your gloves and apron.

Preparation Time:5 minutes, Baking Time:10 minutes, Servings -2.

All we need is


Orange Velvet Mixture-1 cup,

All purpose flour (Maida)- 1 cup,

Baking powder-1 tsp,

Baking Soda – 1 pinch,

Curd- 2 cup,

Condensed Milk-1 cup,

Melted Butter- 1 cup,


Step 1: In a bowl,mix orange velvet mixture,all purpose flour,curd and melted butter.Stir it well until the butter is mixed properly.

Step 2: Add baking powder,baking soda and condensed milk, mix well and now combine the stirred batter.

Step 3: Grease the cupcake mould with ghee/butter,place your desired cupcake cover and pour the batter in the cupcake.

Step 4: Now bake the cupcakes at 180*C for 10 minutes.


Step 5: Remove these beauties from the oven,let them cool and you can top it with desired fruits. I have topped it with strawberries!


Signing off..! Let me know how you made it and will be happy to see your side of version too about Orange Velvet Cupcakes.



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